Family Law Solicitors

When life is at its most difficult, the family department at LMK Law provides professional and supportive guidance. You can depend on us for realistic and practical advice.

Our family head of department, Elizabeth Sulkin, is an accredited specialist with the national family solicitors body Resolution and a member of its Domestic Abuse Committee. Our membership of Resolution means we are committed to resolving family problems in a non-confrontational way where possible. We look at the long-term consequences that any decisions you make may have on you and your family.

Besides the more traditional routes of solicitor negotiation and litigation, we are also able to offer Mediation or to work with you to resolve your family disputes using the Collaborative process, as Elizabeth Sulkin is both a trained Mediator and Collaborative Practitioner.

We provide expert advice on a one-to-one basis on the following family law matters:

  • Divorce
  • Dissolution of civil partnerships
  • Financial arrangements on the breakdown of a relationship — whether you are married or unmarried
  • Children disputes — where there are disagreements as to where the children should live, or how often the other parent should see them, including cases involving children being taken abroad
  • Domestic abuse
  • Prenuptial, pre-registration and cohabitation agreements
  • Separation agreements
  • Non-court methods of resolving family disputes such as Mediation or the Collaborative process

Funding Your Case

We understand the strain placed on your finances when a family law dispute arises, and we work to keep costs down through efficient and effective advice. We are always transparent about the costs you will incur, enabling you to budget. We also offer a range of flexible funding options, and we have links with litigation funders who can provide legal fee loans if required in certain circumstances. We understand the concerns clients have about legal fees particularly at a stressful time in their lives and are always happy to discuss with you how they can be managed.

Contact Us

To arrange an appointment with one of our North London solicitors, contact Elizabeth Sulkin or contact us online or by phone on 020 8954 7474.