Family Mediation Solicitors

Our Head of Family, Elizabeth Sulkin, is an experienced Mediator and Collaborative Practitioner. After many years in practice, she appreciates how important it is to try and resolve family disputes wherever possible in a constructive and non-confrontational way.

Family disputes are painful for everyone involved. But if you are prepared to work with your former partner, Elizabeth will guide you and help you explore the options available to you, so that you can reach a realistic and practical way forward both in relation to your finances and also the arrangements for your children.

Elizabeth, is a founding member of the Family Mediation Network ( and practices both as a mediator and a collaborative practitioner. She is also qualified to undertake Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs).

When there is a complete breakdown in communications, it can take courage to talk. At LMK Law, we encourage dialogue, in the safe space of the Mediation room, helping you both to reach an agreement about your future that you have ownership of — instead of being forced to accept one imposed by a family law judge in court.

As family law mediators, our job is:

  • To help you both explore the options and reality test them with you
  • To be neutral in our approach, as we help you both work towards solutions
  • To provide a safe space for what can seem difficult discussions
  • To manage the process so that you both know what information needs to be gathered and why
  • To discuss the issues that matter most to you in a respectful and non-judgmental way
  • To give you information as to what the law says
  • To guide you towards creative solutions
  • To draw together your proposed solutions in a way that your own lawyers can understand and respect, and can ultimately convert into a legally binding agreement

When advice and input from other experts might help, we have a network of respected professionals in areas such as pensions, surveyors, divorce coaches, whose expertise we can draw on to support the mediation process.

Could you benefit from Mediation? Contact Elizabeth Sulkin at LMK Law.

To discuss how mediation or the collaborative approach can help resolve your family difficulties, contact Elizabeth Sulkin or contact us online or by phone on 020 8954 7474.