Litigation and Dispute Resolution

In business and in everyday life, disagreements happen. How they are approached from the start often determines the eventual outcome. The result can never be guaranteed, but when you first come to see us at LMK Law, we take the time to understand all of the issues so that we can advise you realistically on the best course of action.

There may always be an element of risk in litigation, and if a case is unsuccessful, it can be expensive. We provide you with dedicated, one-to-one advice throughout, and in litigation cases this continuity of service is crucial:

  • We are on top of the facts at all times
  • We respond quickly and effectively to developments as they arise
  • We provide a consistent and reliable service at a time of uncertainty

Our solicitors work hard to resolve issues without going to court — we encourage dialogue and alternative methods of dispute resolution to settle matters to avoid unnecessary costs. It may help to involve a commercial mediator, and we have built up a good network of expert mediators whom we can approach to assist. If we face an unreasonable opponent, however, we have the experience to initiate proceedings at the right time and to defend your position with vigour.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution Lawyers:

Our litigation and dispute resolution department serves clients wherever they may be based, whether internationally or within the UK, in addition to representing clients close to our North London offices. We act for individuals and corporate clients on a variety of issues, including:

  • Contractual disputes
  • Debt enforcement and recovery
  • Commercial litigation — including injunction work and freezing orders
  • Commercial and residential landlord and tenant disputes
  • Property disputes including trespass, nuisance and rights of way matters
  • Landlord and tenant disputes over possession and claims for rent arrears
  • Company disputes — including shareholder and management disagreements
  • Insolvency — including IVAs and recovery actions against insolvent estates and companies
  • International law — covering contractual matters including jurisdiction, proper law issues and enforcement and recovery in non-UK jurisdictions
  • Consumer claims
  • Employment disputes — ranging from wrongful dismissal, restraint of trade and confidentiality matters to settlement agreement negotiations

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For further advice, contact Ruth Rayner or contact us online or call 020 8954 7474. Our services are cost-effective and we always aim to get the best result for you. We will advise you on the question of costs from the outset and keep you informed throughout.